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Related post: Razor Happy by William Cozad. Arrving at Ward Hall, I was a bit uneasy. This was college, the big time for me. Dad helped me carry my stuff to my room at the dorm. But boy was I relieved when mum didn't nymphet index insist on helping me unpack. I certainly didn't want anybody thinking I was a mummy's boy or some kind of sissy. Luckily Dad got the message and they left right away. Of course I love my parents but I was on my own little nude nymphets gallery now, sort of. Still, I was happy that mum didn't take back the free bbs nymphets box of biscuits she cookies for me, chocolate chips, real yummy. I unpacked, hung my clothes in the wardrobe, and put my shorts and socks in a drawer. Then I began to wonder when my roommate was going to show up. His name was Richard; lola nymphets sex that was all I knew about him. After a while I started looking out the window at the tree-lined campus. It was autumn and the leaves were changing colours, lush red and gold. This was my favourite time of year. Cool and crisp. "Are you William?" "Yeah, but they call me Bill." "Okay Bill, I'm Richie." I couldn't believe it. I had prety nymphets to be dreaming. Richie was just about the best-looking guy I'd little nymphets naked ever young nymphet art seen in my life. Straight black nymphetportal hair and bright coffee-coloured eyes. Even in Levis and the red and black checkered nude non nymphets shirt he wore, I nymphets 12year could tell he had a sleek, muscular body. His handshake was firm; my hands were all nymphets 15 yo sweaty. I didn't know what to say. Before he showed up I thought about all kinds of questions I could ask him, like where he was nude little nymphets fuck from russian nymphet angels and what were his favourite subjects. But all of a sudden I was tongue-tied, overwhelmed by his stunning good-looks. "I see you're all unpacked," he noted, breaking the alfa nymphet ice. "Not quite. I can switch drawers or beds if you like." "Nah, nymphets porn nude young makes no difference to me." I tried to act casual, slouching on my bed and watching Richie hang up his stuff. But there I was nymphet met art in college with my Izod shirts and Calvin Klein jeans and briefs, real preppy-looking. Richie must have noticed the differences in our wardrobes but he didn't say anything. "What do you plan to study?" I asked, starting to relax. I liked Richie instantly. Not nymphets acrobatic just because of his good looks, but also lovely nymphets portal because he seemed nice. He also had a friendly smile that melted my heart. "I'm not real sure. I came here to swim." "Swim?" I wasn't sure I heard him right. "I got an athletic scholarship," Richie explained. "That's great. You amateur nymphet must swim real good." "Like a fish," he laughed. It suddenly occured to me that I'd sure like to play downing amatuer nymphets man and lifeguard with Richie. His lips were photos nymphette a nue so thick and sensuous, if he gave me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, I'd die happy. Already I wasbeginning to imagine seeing him in Speedos. nude nymphet guestbook He was built like a photos nymphets naked brick shithouse, not an nymphet paradise pic ounce littlest nymphets pictures of fat on that swimmer's build. "Check out the food yet?" "No," I said. "Let's go do some investigating." We found the cafeteria. The food wasn't very good but there was plenty of it. Tasted bland, like the stuff they surve on airlines. But I didn't think much about nymphets young 13 the food. My mind was on Richie. Though I had just met him, I liked him a lot. But boy! Could he wold down the food! "Where are you from?" I launched into a litles nymphets bbs conversation. "Up north," he said. ls nymphets preview "I came down on the bus. I'm really famished." "I can tell." He just smiled and kept eating. That nymphets gallery schoolgirl night I didn't sleep very well. ukrainian nymphets usenet It wasn't just the new surroundings and the strange bed; it was knowing that Richie was asleep in the little black nymphets same room. The worst part was that I didn't know if *I* was gay or not. I mean, how could I? I'd never fooled around with another guy. But I nymphet messageboard just knew that girls didn't really turn me on. Richie sure did, though. But I franks little nymphets didn't have a prayer at making it with him. Or did I? Orientation went real fast. To make sure that we didn't get lost, Richie and I stuck together, doing everything but the library tour. Rumour was that nobody had ever showed up for that part of orientation. Soon classes stared nymphet art pic and I discovered I liked school because it was so easy for me. Although a lot of first year courses were reviews of stuff I'd aloready learned in school, Richie had to hit the books a lot because he said tht he hadn't read a book in high school. It turned out that he had to work at a petrol nymphet nude tiny station to help out his mum and sisters, since their father had left them. I never asked why. But there was one thing I knew for certain and that was that Richie had a body to die for. It was better than I'd imagined. You can have pumped-up Arnold and Sylvester; I'll take a sleek body like Richie's anytime. One day he was undressing and going to take a shower when I let him know how much I admired his physique. "I wish I had your body," I timidly admitted, immediately realising the words had come out all wrong. "That'll be the day," he teased heading toward the large communal bathroom down the hall. I wanted to go take a shower with him so that I could watch him. But I decided that that dark sites nymphet might ruin our friendship. Me with a big hard-on! He'd switch rooms real fast! The term bbs nymphets index gallery wore on and winter came. nymphet usenet archives I just looked at my hunky roommate and drooled. When I wanked or had wet dreams, Richie was the daddy and nymphet pics one I thought about. It was sheer nymphets and sex torture t be around pretty little nymphet such male beauty but I wouldn't have traded places with anybody else in nymphet masturbating sex the world. When I saw Richie castle nymphets change his shorts I got a painful hard-on. His cock was fat and uncut and luscious. I was real suprised that he didn't have lots of girls with his hot nymphette 3d looks. Sure, he had a few passing through our room. But he treated them more like nymphet nudes pics friends than lovers from what I could tell. He certainly never bragged about banging them. When I told him a few whoppers about getting laid, he just sort of grinned. wild nymphets 12yo Truth was that I repeated the same story some campus Romeo nude nymphettes pics had told me. But I only told it child nymphet elwebbs because I didn't want Ricie to think I was a queer. After all, they always say that the purpose of college is to provide sports nymphets xxx old for the alumni, parking for the faculty and sex for the students. Things were going great between us. But then, after a while, my obsession and admiration for Richie turned nubile nymphets bd sisters to jealousy and envy. He tortured me with this beauty. I was a wreck. I about gave up and decided that I'd simply have to find another roommate. nakednymphet I couldn't stand being around Richie, he was so fucking beautiful photo little nymphets nude and so nice. I began to wish he'd be mean and abusive; I was frustrated up the arse. After I came back to the dorm after class I wanted to beat off, then hit the books. But Richie was always there. "Thought you had swimming practice," I snarled one day. "It was cancelled. Coach had a meeting. Go ahead with whatever you're doing. I can go to the library if you want some space." "No, it's nothing like that." "Then I gotta shave." "What?" I young teenie nymphets sites didn't undrestand; it was only mid afternoon. Maybe japanise nymphet he had a date or something. He took off his clothese and wrapped a towel around his waist. Maybe while he showered I could whip off a load and then get back to my books, I plotted. But it cute nymphs nude came as nymphet pic illeg a suprise when Richie returned from the shower with a wet towel in hand. Then he nymphets soft free got out his shaving gear and I didn't know what was going on! "Hey man, I hate to interrupt you, but could you help me out?" "With what?" I asked, curious as all get-out. "We've got this big swim meet tomorrow. tasty nymphets I gotta shave off the extra crotch hair," Richie explained. "Huhh?" "Body hair causes drag in tiny nymphet model the water, slows you down."That was news to me. He was going to shave his crotch and wanted my help? That wasn't possible. I was hearing things, going crazy with my lust for him. There was Richie spread nymphets models pics out on ukraine nymphet nude his nymphets teen porn bed in all his naked glory. His crotch was damp and he sprayed shaving foam on it. He had to be joking. "Man, the last time highschool nymphets I did this I nicked myself. If you think your cheeks are sensitive you should shave your balls! nymphet nonude Give me a hand buddy. It won't take long." I just couldn't I would get the shakes nymphets latin models like a wino. Shave his crotch? Holy shit! My cock was already buzzing in my jeans/. On rubbery legs I made it over to his bed, knowing that this might be my one and only chance to look at his petite nymphets google cock up close. I tried to act cool, like it was a natural thing to do, shaving your buddy's crotch. The only time I'd ever heard of anyone doing that was as a protest act by some student who climbed on top of the administration building and shaved his pubes. Though the campus pigs arested him pronto, I still thought that incident was nymphets young fucking weird. Now my swimmer-roomie wanted his pictures of nymphets crotch hairs little nymphets toplist cut. "Be careful with the family jewels amiga," Richie cautioned. "I will." With Richie's crotch eva ionesco nymphets all lathered I slowly nymphetes ukrainian defloration nymphettes guided the razor, trimming the pubes like you would a moustache. His meet stiffened with the incest nymphets top cockhead poking out of the hood. He had a real boner. "I'm sorry... I can't help it. It's so sensitive there, you know." lovely nymphets free How well I knew! I illegal photos nymphets still underground nymphets rompl couldn't believe that I was shaving my roomie's crotch. I wielded the razor like nymphets tiny tits a mad barber. "How's that look?" I wiped off the foam and his crotch hair was only a memory. "Shave the fuzz off my nuts, Richie instructed. "You're kidding!" "No. I need to be real smooth." I still couldn't believe this scene. "Hold my cock away so you don't cut it. I escaped the rabbi's knife once already... I'd just as soon keep things as they are." I grinned impishly and took hold of his cock. It was hotter than a firecraker ready to explode. But I rallied my nerve and took a couple of swipes at his ball fuzz. "Easy. Take it easy, hombre," Richie cautioned. With my own cock raging in my pants and oozing lube, nymphets blue teens I shaved my roomie's balls slick as a whistle. When I nymphet ukranian wiped away the foam they were as smooth as a baby's bottom. "How's that look?" I asked. "Just fine. Only one more place and we're finished." "Say what?" "My butt. You gotta shave my arsehole." When real foto nymphets Richie put the pillow under his arse and exposed his arsecrack, I thought I'd shoot my wad for sure. With his bunghold showing I carefully shaved around it, but I wondered if this was all necessary. I mean who really shaves their pubes, balls and butthole? Seemed kinky to me. But it made my cock throb like sweet pedo nymphets series it ain't never throbbed before. I wiped the swimmer's butt and admired my handywork. Not a nick anywhere. Smooth as silk. "Jack me off, man," he begged huskily. "Get real," I countered, not wanting to seem too eager. "Shaving makes me horny. I gotta get off." I helf his throbber, something I'd dreamed about since the first time I saw him. Richie's big brown eyes burned with lust. "Do it, man. Please russian nymphet model do it." "Hey, I ain't no queer." "I know that. Ain't nothing wrong with two buddies jacking off. You do it Everybody does it." I stroked his hot meat, pulling the long foreskin over the bloated rosy cockhead that glistened with pre-cum. "Take out your dick. I wanna see it," Richie insisted. "Oh dude, I don't know about all this." The truth was that I ddi know... and I was crazed with lust. Without any more coaxing, I stripped. If he wanted a sex-scene, I'd give it to him! It came as a relief to find out that my cock was as big as Richie's. Neither of us had anything to be ashamed of. Maybe his was a tad thicker, but not much. "Come over here," pre adolescent nymphet models he said. I nymphets harcore straddled his legs, his satiny thighs. Then I held his hot dick, putting my cockhead flush against his, and rolled his foreskin over my cockhead, feeling our lube ooze all over the place. "Blow me, man," he whispered. "I can't. I'm incest pics nymphet not like that," I lied, wanting to suck his dick in the worst way but not wanting him to hang it over my head and be able to tell everyone in the underage children nymphets form that I had sucked him off. That's when it hit me what sixty nine is all about. Scrambling into position, I put my dick in his face. "You gotta do me too, friend," I bargained. Richie didn't beautiful nymphetes say a word but when he started licking my dick I thought my balls would explode. There we were, two randy freshies giving each other head! I'd crossed the line anime nymphets galleries and knew I'd never be the same again. Both of us were so hot that it didn't take long before we both exploded. Hot jizz blasted over my tonsils. When I swallowed it, I found out that I liked it, mainly because it was Richie's fuckjuice. Never mind that he had swallowed my sperm, too. I was so hot nymphet virgin after getting off that I licked his smooth crotch and even tongued his arsehole. "Stick it up my arse he said."I'd thought plenty about swinging on russian small nymphet the swimmer's meat but not much about arse fucking. I wasn't even sure if it was possible. But my dick knew it was and pulsed with anticipation. Richie put the pillow under his and presented ukrainian nymphets kds his hole once more, this time for plowing. I hurled a big wad of spit in his hole before I sank my cockhead inside him. Then he moaned and writhed while I pumped him. mega nymphets "Fuck me, man! Fuck me good! Cum in my arse he groaned. Just hearing the words and listening to him pant while I rammed his arse brought nymphet vid me to the brink. Richie fisted it for nymphet masturbation a while. Then I plowed into him. "Aw shit, I'm cumming!" His cry startled me. Hot jizz flew out of his pee hole. Then ls gallery nymphets his ring clamped nymphets yo pedo around my cock and brought me off. After I sprayed his arse nymphet gallerirs with my hot load, I pulled out of him and he just sighed and rubbed his sticky cum across his smooth chest. But later that night he got even with me, crawling into my bed and fucking me. I fell in love with Richie. Him with me too, I think. He set swim records and we both set marathon fuck and suck records at night. But when the underaged nymphets bbs school year ended, one of the Ivy League colleges snatched him up and I never saw him again. A few years later I read somewhere that he had qualified for the Olympics and had won a bronze medal. That's pretty good, huh? But I'll tell you something: he could have won a gold medal in the sack, judging from the way nymphet post he sucked lil nymphet nude and fucked!
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